Kristina and Ernest Wedding Day Preview including Living Pictures Slideshow

Ana and Mark Living Pictures Video Slideshow and Preview | October 25, 2014 | Corpus Christi, Texas



Rubi and Efrain Wedding Previews | Corpus Christi, Texas | December 27, 2014

Church Service – Most Precious Blood Catholic Church

Reception – Solomon Ortiz Center

Hotel – Omni Hotel of Corpus Christi

Efrain and Rubi celebrated their wedding on a cold and dreary day, but that didn’t stop their warm and glowing love from showing through.  We braved the wind and cold front to capture a few moments for some additional portraits at the historic Galvan House in Heritage Park as well as the entry floor of the Omni Hotel of Corpus Christi, I just love their festive decorations this time of year. These Texas A&M graduates were even sent off with their guests twirling custom white towels, such as the tradition at their college football games.  On that note, congratulations to the Aggies who knocked off Big 12’s West Virginia Mountaineers today in a squeaker of a game 45-37 – Gig ’em.  Please enjoy the Living Pictures Slideshow as well as some of my favorite moments below the video.  I wish the best to the them as they begin their new life together.


Anisha and Hunain Wedding Ceremony | Private Residence, Port Aransas, Texas

Anisha and Hunain celebrated their wedding ceremony on a private residence just outside Port Aransas, Texas.  Congratulations to their family members Ismail and Shahabani who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary as well! I wish them the best together as they discover this new chapter in their lives.


Cody and Whitney | Wedding Photography Highlights including Living Pictures Video Slideshow| Corpus Christi, Texas | April 5, 2014

It’s always a blessing to meet kind people.  Then to be tasked with photographing said people’s wedding, … and then befriended by the same people…  Well that’s just win win win!  Cody and Whitney are the kind of people who on their wedding day continuously asked me how I was doing, how the food was, and how the AMAZING flowers in the Crystal Room were treating me!!!   And for some reason, if you still don’t take my word on their kindness, I’ll give one more example.  At the end of the night, Cody literally helped me pack my car.  Now this is something I’m not terribly accustomed to accepting, in fact I’ve never accepted this sort of help, let alone from the bride or groom on THEIR wedding day, but Cody’s not someone you tell no, with regards to generous acts of kindness.  He even sent me off for the night with a good hearty laugh.  I did a “dumby” check in the garage, where I go back and see if I left anything behind, and besides seeing a whole camera left sitting out on the table top, I spotted my ladder – one of my favorite “non-photography” equipment investments. I grabbed it and he asked, “You going to take the broom and dust pan too?”  I’ll never forget that!!!! Lovely.  Simply lovely people.

Another experience that I’d like to share happened at the “first” reception in the Crystal Room at the Town Club, and I always says this, which is one of my favorite places in Corpus Christi, Texas to photograph, we had an amazing food line-up.  The main course was “inside out tamales” or as Cody called them “fancy tamales.”  Well they were one of the most unique meals I’ve ever experienced, period, let alone at a wedding reception.  Then, as if we hadn’t already had enough fun, the “second” reception got started with the crawfish boil.  Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!  Where the family and friends that came in from as far away as Louisiana were so kind and inviting, so much so that after my day was complete I put the cameras down and enjoyed some crawfish and ArModelos

I’d like to thank them for that experience.  As always, I sign off with wishing the two a happy, successful, and long marriage!!

Please Enjoy an extended preview in the Living Pictures Video Slideshow.


Wedding Day Ceremony: Windsor Park Baptist Church

Wedding Day Reception: Corpus Christi Town Club and Private Residence

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Mari Bridal Portrait and Pearl Canvas Gallery Wrap Print | Corpus Christi, Tx | March 29, 2014

By the time this post is published, Mari and Daniel will officially be married (I wrote this the night before in case you were dying to know).  Congratulations to them both!!!!!  For Mari’s bridal session, we ventured over to the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center.  Needless to say it’s a beautiful space.  I recommend joining and becoming a member.

However what I’m really excited for is her 12″x18″ canvas gallery wrap with Pearl canvas and hand applied brush gel coating.  Below is the image she selected.



Here is an obligatory selfie with Mari giving the PEACE sign in the background, I couldn’t share this until now.

Photo Mar 29, 5 32 50 PM

Mari’s Bridal Portrait SELFIE at the Botanical Gardens in Corpus Christi, Texas on March 29, 2014.

Here are a few of the others from the session.  Now to sleep before the big day!

MD Photography wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your special someone!

MD Photography wishes a Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your special someone!  Here’s a little review of some of my clients that were engaged over the past two to three years!  I was blessed enough to help commemorate their special love with the following images!  Hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with Love, Chocolate, good food, and more LOVE!!