Intimacy Art and Fashion Show – Bombay Lounge and Grill – Corpus Christi, Texas – June 14, 2012

Tonight I’ll be displaying an interesting art exhibit with a single photo from the After Dark Revue Girls (check them out on facebook here). It’s part of the Intimacy Art and Fashion Show at Bombay. Learn more about it on facebook here.  Show starts at 8 PM.

Here’s a little hint as to what picture might be shown….


Is it this one… or one similar… but more importantly how will it be displayed??  Come check it out tonight to find out!

Spend Saturday night with a bunch of beautiful girls – spinning tassles…

If you’re not busy and like beautiful women sporting tassles on bare chests then head over to House of Rock and check out the After Dark Revue Girls as they explore “The other side of Wonderland” on Saturday, January 28, 2012. For more information visit  

… but before you check out the slideshow below… click play on this video! I promise he plays the saxophone. He’s not just standing around looking all sexy with his vest thing.

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