Clarissa Serna | The Voice | Corpus Christi, Texas #teamclarissa


I’d like to congratulate Clarissa Serna on her terrific run on The Voice. She made it to the TOP 20!  BOOM!  Go Girl!  We’re all so proud of you!  I know this is only the beginning of a new journey, and we’re all extremely excited to see where it takes you!

I’d also like to share a memory I experienced with Clarissa as well.  While we were shooting her album cover, we had an awesome sunset.  And we decided to go to the closest clearing in the city that we could find. Coincidentally it was my Blanche Moore Elementary school parking lot.

We rushed over to the parking lot which was about 10 minutes away from Revolution – which is one of the main locations Clarissa found her “chops”. We jumped out of the car and started taking a few pics using only natural light, and a 42 inch silver reflector.  Those weren’t coming out… so I decided to silhouette her, and voila.  Still one of my favorite images to this day, and it also served as an advertisement I used in NSIDE Magazine back when I was shooting for them.  It also kick-started me chasing down my “love-silhouette” images.

I can’t locate the original image offhand, but trust me just below the crop there is a metal fence that runs across the image and a Chevy Silverado pickup.

The reason I include it is to show that you never know where your journey will take you until you step out!  I never thought I’d photograph someone in the parking lot of my elementary school, and yet here it is!  LOVE THAT HAIR FLOWIN’ in the wind….



Clarissa Serna nside ad 051611 low resolution

Clarissa Serna nside ad 051611 low resolution

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