Paula Deanda | New York City December 2010 | Corpus Christi | The Voice 2014

It’s always a special thing when people DECIDE to pursue their dreams, and I’m honored to say that I’ve shared in Paula’s journey.  She recently competed in the pop culture show “The Voice.” Unfortunately she battled against Celine Dion’s former vocal coach…. yeah.  Never the less, Paula is still so young and talented with so much potential and future within.

On my first visit to the city I connected with a friend from Corpus Christi, Texas who was managing or representing Paula at the time.  She gave me the opportunity to snap a few photographs of her in Rockefeller Center, and then videotape her performance of “Easy” at Mike Ruiz‘s Birthday party at a brand new bar that I no longer remember the name of.   If anything this shows my progression as a portrait photographer.  For whatever reason I only brought my “non-portrait” lenses (17-40 and 50mm) with me.  It’s like trying to filet a fish with a butter knife.  This fact coupled with my inability to properly pose people, especially amongst throngs of internationals visiting the city, and almost freezing temperatures, we didn’t turn out with very many keepers. But hey if anything I’m still here and still learning the art of posing and photography, much like she’s still pursuing her singing career…  I applaud her for deciding to ACTUALLY follow her dreams, and encourage her to pursue, pursue, pursue!!!  Even in the face of rejection.

Paula Deanda Rockefeller Center New York City MD Photography- 2010

Paula Deanda Rockefeller Center New York City MD Photography- 2010

Below is her official music video – which is of much higher quality, and features a man flipping out of the car and getting turned down when he asks her out, plus that international dude from “That 70’s Show,” and Bow Wow – the artist formally, er, formerly known as Lil-Bow-Wow.

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