Anti-Preview of Wedding Highlights – Diana and Joe | Corpus Christi, Texas | November 16, 2013

This is my first Ant-preview-wedding-highlight-post. I came up with the idea to honor two artists that celebrated their union in one of the more unique spaces that anyone will come across, the tunnel at La Retama Park.  I was the lucky soul charged with “officially” capturing  the day’s events.  As you can imagine, artists tend to know other artists including photographers, and there were plenty around to enjoy in this celebration.  Even Diana’s lovely niece Dana, a bridesmaid, is a photographer.  She periodically stepped out to capture her moments, on film.  Even at one point her camera was more trusty than my own, since I ran into a little bit of flash issues during the formal portraits.  She was mighty quick and sure to point this out, and for that I’m forever grateful!!!

Given the unique space, I couldn’t be more relieved to have been aided by these two fellow photographers, who fortunately are just as guilty as I am in creating the following images.  Kim doesn’t like looking into the camera, something about stealing her soul, and Derek is the other. I’m the one with the Bride and Groom, and was in the midst of No Shave November.

I would like to thank Diana and Joe for commissioning me to capture memories of their day.  This is something where I’ll always look back upon as being one of my more significant moments as an artist and photographer.

Disclaimer: this is not intended to reflect poorly on either my fellow photographers, including myself, or the subjects within these following frames.  It is only intended to poke fun at my conventional Wedding Highlight and honor the union of Diana and Joe.  Non-alcoholic, virtual cheers to them both!

The couple exiting the tunnel.

The couple exiting the tunnel.

Overexposed – Out of Focus – Blurry

These lovely images are some combination of these three.

Fun with or without Flash

Again, pretty self explanatory, and these images involve issues dealing with high speed sync, flash misfires, overexposures or underexposures due to flash, etc… As you can imagine, there are a lot of dark pictures.

Out of Focus

I’ve been slowly compiling a series of my “out of focus” wedding images, aptly titled “out of focus series.”  This is the first time I’ve shared any of them, you know with the whole stigma of not wanting to be seen as a poor or bad photographer… except when it’s done with an artistic vision in mind; which can ultimately lead to one being called genius.  No really, feel free to leave a comment about how genius this post is, my humble ego will be extremely thankful.

What the Heck?

yeah… what the heck…  Save the one of Joe making a face in the street corner because that shot’s just cool, and the same goes for the one of the photographer in the tunnel doing her thing, and then also Diana making the silly face with Joe.

Actually Not Bad Category

Blinks and Other Poor Timings

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