I want your money… for CASA of the Coastal Bend! Coastal Bend Day of Giving November 12, 2013 | Corpus Christi, Tx


In the fall of 2009, Coastal Bend Community Foundation joined with eight additional funders to provide $150,000 in matching funds for a one-day, internet-based fundraising campaign, called the Coastal Bend Day of Giving. Due to the overwhelming success of the event – raising over $400,000 for 25 nonprofits – the event was repeated in 2010, raising $625,000 for 33 nonprofits and in 2011, raising $690,000 for 22. The three events, each only 24 hours in duration, have raised over $1.7 million for nonprofits at the forefront of providing services to those in need in the Coastal Bend.

Why should you give?

  • This year’s event, on November 12th, will provide matching funds, currently totaling $300,000, for donations to 30 charities. The economic downturn that began in 2008 continues to impact many Coastal Bend residents and the nonprofits that serve them. Demands for services have not abated, but many nonprofits are still seeing smaller donations.

How do you give?

  • To participate, simply log on to this website on November 12, complete a few blanks, select your charity or charities using the shopping cart feature, and make a donation using your credit or debit card ($10 minimum contribution).

Does your gift make a difference?

  • EVERY gift makes a difference! Over 7,200 individual gifts were made in the prior 3 Days of Giving – more than 50% were under $50. Did you know the Food Bank of Corpus Christi can distribute 85 pounds of food in rural South Texas for $10? For $25, Amistad Community Clinic can help a working person without health insurance to manage his diabetes. And for $100, Timon’s Ministries can send ten children proudly back to school with new backpacks. By giving together on November 12th, much can be accomplished!

On behalf of the matching funders, the 30 recipient charities, and those in need in the Coastal Bend, thank you for participating in the 2013 Coastal Bend Day of Giving!

DONATE to CASA OF THE COASTAL BEND (or any other listed organization) HERE:


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