Loteria! The Exhibition | Corpus Christi, Texas – KSPACE Contemporary Art Museum -Viewing dates November 1-22, 2013

I recently set out to make my first art piece, meaning conceive a photograph solely for the purpose of gallery viewing.  The gallery opens tonight at KSPACE Contemporary Art Museum located at 415 Starr St  Corpus Christi, TX 78401 (361) 887-6834.   Read more about the project guidelines here.  Check out the Facebook info concerning the Dia De Los Muertos Street Festival here.  Basically it’s wall size Loteria cards (24″x32″), the Mexican card game equivalent of B-I-N-G-O.  I chose La Garza:

19. La Garza: Al otro lado del rio, tengo me banco de arena, donde se sienta me chata pico de garza moreno. The Heron: On the other side of the river is the sandbar where sits my honey with a beak like a brown heron.

La Garza

La Garza

Interpretations: True love is there but you might have a ways to go to find it. OR Look and you will find what you are seeking, maybe in an unlikely place.

The following are some of my draft ideas, literally as I brainstormed, bad grammar and all:

1. composite blue winding river with a bridge in far far background. on far bank, there is a beautiful girl resting on shore, in foreground there are couple walking along shore

2. composite blue winding river with a bridge in far far background. on far bank, there is a beautiful girl resting on shore alone, couples are walking hand in hand, a man is walking the river bank by himself.

3. same as 2 only sillhouettes of everyone except our hero and heroine

4. same as 2 only sillhouettes of everyone except our hero and heroine, only we just see their face. or we see everyone’s faces, 

5. Same Man walking with multiple women caressing multiple women and on 

5a on other side all single women that were walking with te same man

5b only single woman 


Which one did I complete?  You’ll have to head on over and check it out between now and November 22, 2013.  Needless to say, I’m extremely excited.  Either way you can’t miss mine… it’s the one that doesn’t look like anyone else’s…. and I didn’t do that on purpose… and I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but it’s my first attempt at this, so I’ll take it.  Big shot out to my subject Ema who helped out last minute and braved the elements of animal droppings and my last minute, hurried plans.

Related notes:

I kinda lied… I’ve had one other art installation, but the photographs weren’t taken with the idea of printing them in mind – a huge negative of the digital age of photography. I titled this “Lover’s in Florence,” and it displayed at Nuevo Cafe for a few months.  It’s currently being displayed at City Church.  I have a few other photographs displayed there, and I have literally no information about the gallery, other than they want to showcase the beauty of life through photographs.  Go check it out!!  

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