Guest speaker at Del Mar College – Portrait/Studio Lighting Tutorial

The other day I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at Del Mar College for Diana Byers class.  I HAD A GREAT TIME!!  I really love the learning environment… and the fact that people were actively listening to me speak about photography was AWESOME!

Here’s an outline of what I spoke about:

  1. History of my path to photography (chemical engineering student to chemistry degree to director of operations of small lab in san antonio/dental school applications to volunteer coordinator for hospice patients to photography)
  2. ColorChecker Passport
  3. Light meter Sekonic L-308S
  4. Utilizing Clay Blackmore‘s “pose it, light it, love it” and I changed to “Light it, pose it, shoot it”
  5. Briefly went into how to read histogram
  6. Types of light modifiers (reflectors, soft boxes, shoot through umbrellas, umbrellas, etc…)
  7. How to set height and “feather” of softbox
  8. Quality of light (soft vs. hard)
  9. Short lighting
  10. Broad lighting
  11. Loop lighting
  12. Rembrandt lighting
  13. Clamshell lighting

Thanks to Diana for these captures.  Visit her flickr.

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