Corpus Christi Convention and Visitor’s Bureau “Corpus Christi in Motion” Video Competition – May 8, 2013

The Corpus Christi Convention and Visitor’s Bureau held a video competition called “Corpus Christi in Motion” to find some homemade videos highlighting different aspects within our community, namely:

  • Beach
  • Attractions
  • Food
  • Culture
  • Nature

Here were the rules of the competition:

  • It must not look or behave like a commercial.
  • Go for a “home-style” video—produced for an online audience.
  • Dialogue, story, music are allowed; however all copyright and trademark rules must be followed.
  • Music must be original or within copyright regulations.
  • Actors must have a signed photo release.

I’ll be honest I had no involvement on the creative side, aside from a minor line change or suggestion once we started recording the audio track aka “LAYIN’ DOWN THA RAP!”, Alan, my partner-in-crime on the right side in the video, came up with the little “ditty.”  And the instant I read it I said, “YES I HAVE to Participate!”

The video was filmed entirely on Go Pro HD Hero 3 Black Edition with a few shots on the HD Hero 2. On May 8, 2013 they announced the winners at a luncheon.  I missed the actual announcement and acceptance by a few minutes (I was upstairs covering another event) but still had the opportunity to take a picture with Alan and the “big check.”  I’m going to try and cash it… stay tuned for that picture on social media sites.  Oh, we won first place, which is honestly something completely unexpected.

It was a tight race, with only a few points separating 1st and third.  You can check out the other three videos who placed in the top three (there was a tie for third place) by visiting the City’s Youtube channel at .

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