Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Monica and Luis – Corpus Christi, Texas and Ranch at San Patricio, Texas – May 5, 2012

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Monica and Luis!!!

From an earlier post:

Monica and Luis celebrated their nuptials with a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony at Most Precious Blood Catholic Church and reception at The Ranch at San Patricio.  It was a wonderful day to celebrate a wedding. I’d like to share a piece of this wonderful and truly unique moment (at the very least unique to me) with the sequence of the garder belt and bouquet toss. We’re all familiar with the fact that the lucky recipients are allegedly the next in line to marry.  What transpired yesterday on Cinco de Mayo 2012 had a wonderful twist – quite literally! Naturally the ladies took their turn first, lined up, held hands and then ran amok across the reception hall “ducking” underneath the outstretched veil of the beautiful bride which was held by her dapper young groom Luis, both were elevated by standing on a chair while supported by their friends.

Then the men’s turn, and in turn, they almost completely knocked over Luis – all in good nature of course.  I decided to film this sequence in one continuous shot.  Enjoy the moment and be sure to check out a few pictures from the event below, I was there to capture video but couldn’t resist snapping a few photographs, especially when the men in stilts appeared…

Be sure to keep an eye out for Jade and Jamie of Journey Tree Studio who did the wonderful wedding photography!  Learn more about them at http://www.journeytreestudio.com/

The band is called Manhattan Show and if you’d like a truly unique experience with interactives and props then visit www.manhattanshow.net!

For the video I used a Canon 5d Mk II with a Canon 320 Ex II as a camera light and Glidecam HD 2000 without the body support, for the most part my movement wasn’t too shabby.

Wedding Ceremony

Monica and Luis departing Most Precious Blood Catholic Church

Donde esta el Mariachi???? Esta AQUI!

I was roaming around and she suddenly stopped and posed. I couldn’t resist capturing the moment!

It’s the simple moments like this one that really makes me fall in love with weddings.

The mother of the Bride

Amelia Munoz –  mother of the Bride



This was an interesting moment. I was using an off camera flash to light this scene, for some reason the girls just stared upwards at the flash.

This is when things took it up a notch.

This is when things took it up a notch. This is part of Manhattan’s celebration.

Monica took her turn…

…as well as Luis!

Who’s louder – Las Damas??

… o Los Muchachos?

My traditional photo at the end of the night with the newly weds!

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