Harlem Shake Video(s) | Del Mar College | AMF Bowling Lanes | Corpus Christi, Texas

Okay. What a difference TIME makes. Two month ago… heck 5 days ago I would’ve never made a Harlem Shake Video.  But this past weekend I made a video at Zombie League Bowling Week 2 (Check out that post here), and I overheard the spiderman-outfitted child say, “I’m going to do the Harlem Shake.”  So I cut the video including that song in sequence. 3 days later I was approached by Robert Perez of South Texas Underground Film to document a version of the students at Del Mar College. I ended up shooting my own version instead. I guess I should thank him!  NO MORE HARLEM SHAKE VIDEO FROM ME… for now.  Version 1 is just the Del Mar College crew.  Version 2 includes my goofy Blue-shirted Self! Hey the space needed to be filled, besides that I’m Viking Alum. Shot out to my boy John at DMC!

Version 1

Version 2

Zombie Harlem Shake

And just for good measure… here’s the two behind the scenes video clips I took with my phone as we were filming… I didn’t edit them down.

Photo Apr 17, 12 44 43 PM

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