Republic of Texas Triathlon – Corpus Christi, Texas – April 14, 2013

Yesterday’s event is sad news that hits a little too close to me.  This past Sunday, April 14, 2013 I was photographing at the finish line of The Republic of Texas Triathlon in Corpus Christi, Texas. The finish line is an extremely exhuberant and potentially VULNERABLE area, where some runners cross the finish line and literally fall to floor unable to step one more foot forward.  It is ruthless to attack anyone at anytime, but especially at this point.  Here is a photo of a competitor sharing a peaceful heart symbol. We should be spreading more peace than anything else. IMG_4049

This man was the last competitor to cross the finish line. He volunteers both before and after the event ends. I believe he is 76 years old.  His wife competed and volunteered as well.


Above photographs taken by myself, but COPYRIGHT Kreutz Photography.

This is one of the most striking and inspirational images from the Boston Marathon.  This man was passing the first blast site when the bomb struck, and he fell to his knees. After he recovered he finished the run.  It is on the cover of today’s Sports Illustrated magazine.  It’s resilience speaks of the hope that remains within our culture, society, and world. Respective copyright.

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