Zombie Bowling League Week 1 Photo Booth | April 7, 2013 | Saratoga Lanes | Corpus Christi, Texas

Here are some of my favorites from yesterday. I LOVE the one with mother and child!  The little one didn’t want to take a pic, and for some reason the mother turned around dipped the child towards camera and acted like she was going to bite her… and the angst in the daughters face while staring right at the camera is PRICELESS to me.  On the same note the portrait with the mother by herself ROCKS too! Also I dig the four ladies with the rockabilly look (blue jeans), the one where the lady has her glasses halfway down her face.  The ONE with the young child jumping on his father’s back is PERFECTly ZOMBIEFIED!  NOTE: the two with the make-up all over their bodies won the costume competition. (of course I like all of the others just as equally much!)


Purchase pictures here.

Check out the local ABC Affiliate coverage here.

From an earlier post…

ZOMBIESSSS ATTACK BOWLING!!  If you’re not a fan of AMC’s Walking DEAD!!   Check out Caller article.

Come get your picture taken by the DEBENEDETTO PhotoBOOTH (working title)

Here’s the details:  After the Walking Dead Season Ends, we still need our Zombie FiX!
WHO: Everyone..ALL AGES (Bowling experience not required)
WHEN: Sunday Night – April 7th Registration at 5:30pm. Practice Bowling 5:45 – Costume contest 6:15
WHERE: AMF Saratoga Lanes on Ayers/Saratoga.
WHAT: Zombie Bowling League
COSTUMES: Zombie Make up NOT REQUIRED ..but for those that do, there will be a Costume Contest Every Week sponsored by TexasToyZ & other businesses.
(Masks not permitted) Zombify your face by Some EPIC Mask up artists at the Saratgoa Lanes begins at 4pm (cost $20)
COST: $15 per person per night
(Includes 3 Games & Includes Bowling Shoe rental)

-Bowling skills not required
– Teams will be in groups of 4.. form your own team if you wish, or join another team
– If Forming your own team of 4 members, come up with a Zombie / Walking Dead Related Team NAME!

This will be FUN! ALL AGES!!! Bring out the kiddos as well!!

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