Stephen Belyeu’s Feature Film Dig Kickstarter Campaign for Distribution for Funding | March 9, 2013 | SXSW | Drinking Buddies, Much Ado About Nothing, Prince Avalanche

Stephen Belyeu’s Dig Kickstarter Campaign

In 2009, Stephen Belyeu shot a feature length film on 16 mm in Pawnee, Texas.  He is Texas based filmmaker with Corpus Christi, Texas roots.  His film “Dig” is completely finished and ready to be packaged for distribution.  He needs your help.  On a personal note, I’m honored that he elected to include in his Kickstarter video a photograph of mine taken of him during a Q&A session at Austin Film Festival 2011.

Please visit for a personal message from Stephen as well as more information about donating, how the funds are used, etc…

We need to support the arts. Here’s an article from Corpus Christi Caller-Times about how the funding of arts supports our economy.  I believe it also helps preserve and support cultural growth and connections.  Help keep the cycle moving forward!

Drinking Buddies Q&A – World Premiere

Olivia Wilde (Hello! -haha), Ron Livingston (Damn it feels good to be a gangster), Anna Kendrick (loved how she played that awkward picnic scene), Jake Johnson (LOVE NEW GIRL – shot out to Rob for introducing me to it!), Ti West, and Director Joe Swanberg (I thought his sequence in VHS was the scariest).  The movie is a nice vignette between the sometimes blurred lines of what is friendship and what is relationship.  The cast is perfectly stellar.  The movie weaves through awkward (picnic scene), to hilarious (anything with Ron Livingston and Jake Johnson!), to heartbreaking – DAMN YOU TI!! Why you gotta mess up a good thing! Or maybe that’s just Jake’s curse #newgirl, to you name it. It’s not a rom-com, it’s not a chick-flick, it’s not anything I think you’d conventionally peg a film into, which to me, speaks ultimately to it’s uniqueness.

Much Ado About Nothing – US Premiere Q&A

Cast too plentiful to note… so check them out at imdb page.  This is a shakespeare adaptation – so you’re either going to like it or … not. Obviously it’s updated with modern humor, wit, and charm.  It was filmed on-location in 12 days.  I’ve only managed short films in as little as 24 hours, so I can’t imagine a feature in 12. Then again I’m not in the industry… yet.

Prince Avalanche – Q&A

David Gordon Green, Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch, and honestly the star of the show Joyce Payne.  She was a victim of the Bastrop wildfires. At one point she’s wandering through the remains of her home and says something to the sort of “It’s like I’m searching through the ashes of my soul.”    On an even more somber note, the charismatic truck driver played by  Lance LeGault passed away shortly after completing filming.  The soundtrack features Explosions in the Sky.  Visit cast and crew imdb.

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