Amanda and Roger Wedding Announcement Website

When a client is proud enough of their engagement/wedding images and decides to share them on a public site announcing their wedding plans, it makes me happy.  It is one of the most satisfactory and gratifying moments as a story telling photographer.  Take Amanda and Roger for example Burton and Bragg wedding website.  Their website is littered with “our” engagement photographs.  NOTE:  I USE “OUR” LOOSELY – OBVIOUSLY!!  The shot of the ring with them in the background illustrates their “proposal story,” their “About Us” features them walking on the pier, the welcome page shows them sharing a warm moment underneath the same pier, “our registries” page shows a beautiful enlargement they displayed at their party.  I could go on, but the fact they included and shared those moments with their friends and families puts a huge smile on my face.

I like smiles on my face… so does this person….

Smiley Face

Thank you Amanda and Roger, and others for entrusting me capturing your special moment.   If you want to enjoy their blog post about their engagement session click HERE.

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