Ten Commandments Short Film | read by Jericho Brown | New Orleans, LA | Ninth Ward | Super Bowl XLVII

We are on the cusp of Super Bowl XLVII which takes place in New Orleans, LA today February 3, 2013.  I like to share “timely” works of art that are relevant because of some association, whether it’s locale, genre, topic, etc… This is short film I created while visiting New Orleans, LA and represent the disparity between the disheveled Ninth Ward and the plush and manicured St. Charles Street.

Enjoy the Super Bowl.

From an earlier post:

“On the eve of another hurricane heading straight for New Orleans, coincidentally on the week of the anniversary that Hurricane Katrina ravaged the coastal city in 2005, I’d like to share a short film I made in that wonderful place.  In 2011, I visited New Orleans, Louisiana and toured the Ninth Ward. I made a short film with iPhone 4, using the app “8mm” titled “Ten Commandments.”  The film  features local New Orleans musicians as well as the poem with inspired the film’s name as read by it’s author and among many other things, the AMAZING poet Jericho Brown, (which might be the biggest understatement of my blog’s short history).

For me the film serves to show the disparity between the rich and the poor, through juxtaposing the ritzy, up kept stretches of St. Charles Street with the still dilapidated state of the Ninth Ward, even thought many of the homes, although not all, have been revamped and “George Jetsoned” by Brad Pitt’s generous endeavor.  In the Ninth Ward, some of the original ruin still lies on site, whereas all the streets and lawns that stand on St. Charles Street are manicured more than a metro-sexual living in early 2000’s San Francisco Bay Area….

Anyways be safe New Orleans!


I ran into Blair Underwood outside the Blue Nile, which is where the locals as well as the local musicians go to play for fun and hang out.”

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