Dominic Bracco II of Prime Collective speaks about his experience in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico at Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Ciudad Juarez, Mexico once before. I remember walking through the city square with my friend Ana, just a few hundred yards from the border, and thinking this is so serene. There were clowns with balloons, and families eating food, and little chubby children running around with big smiles covering their faces. It was a scene I had never experienced even in my own hometown in Corpus Christi, Texas. That was circa 2008, and before the violence and corruption tore the city apart from within. It is located directly across the border from El Paso, Texas.

Where something like 200, 000* people were displaced from Juarez, one man rushed in to document the strife and trials of the locals. He was in fact one of the few non-Mexicans covering the issue for an American audience. His name is Dominic Bracco II. His journey and experience is a true inspiration. His images are intimate and evoke a glimpse into the heart of the human condition. He is part of Prime Collective. Visit his bio here.

Copyright DOMINIC BRACCO II image from <juarezyouth_04.jpeg>

Here are a few images of my own from the day he spoke at Texas State University’s Alkek Library in the Wittliff Collection.

*I may be way wrong about this figure. But it’s what I remember.

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