16 Goals by Bill Snyder

Everyone should have goals. In some form or another, I have had them unfortunately more loosely based than concretely defined. Though the following goals offered by Bill Snyder are still more qualitative, broad based ideas, such as never give up, as opposed to quantifiable ones such as obtain a degree, I still believe they are as equally important and relevant. In fact they form the base for the pursuit of any endeavors in life and goals.
So lets cut to the chase. Define your goals to get accomplished, even if that goal changes to another end result. One of my favorite examples being ex Vice-President Al Gore’s unsuccessful attempt to become President of USA. He turned the momentum of his campaign towards global climate change awareness and consequently garnered a Noble Peace prize for his efforts. Not a bad consolation prize!

I’ll share one goal of mine that I have yet to obtain: be a feature film director. On my path to this I have instead begun a journey of the storytelling of everyday life through photography and in RARE cases videography. In the course of such, have fallen in love with wedding photography and storytelling. Something I did not expect beforehand.

What about you?

16 goals by Bill Snyder.

From the following article K-State flourishing behind Snyder’s 16 goals
By JOHN MARSHALL (AP College Football Writer) | The Associated Press – 14 hours ago
Located at http://yhoo.it/We7fPs

Commitment, Unselfishness, Improve, Unity, Be tough, Self-discipline, Great effort, Enthusiasm, Eliminate mistakes, Never give up, Don’t accept losing, No self-limitations, Expect to win, Consistency, Leadership, Responsibility

This might be my first post sans picture/video (excluding WordPress ad). Well you could always search this blog for my photos of Al Gore in the search bar above….

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