Hurricane Irene Short Film – Puerto Rico – August 2011

The last hurricane to hit NYC was Hurricane IRENE.  Before it swung up the east coast and thankfully not leave a trail of damage and destruction in it’s wake, it decided to visit Puerto Rico in its infancy, rather as a Tropical Storm.  And not that this had any general affect on the weather since it rained for an astonishing 7/10 days I was there OUTSIDE of it’s brief visit.  Anyways before it’s arrival I braved getting into the water at Loquillo Beach and then decided to put together a short film of footage. It compares before, during, and after …. all shot with Go Pro HD (1).  The video was made for fun and documentary purpose.

Ironically at the time I was visiting my sister in Puerto Rico, who’s now currently living for a brief time in New York City… which is where Hurricane Sandy is lingering. So no matter which island my sister is on… she can’t seem to escape Mother Nature. She also stars in the video.

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