Picture Panels from October’s CC-Go See – Corpus Christi, Texas – October 9, 2012

I decided to take yesterday’s pictures from October’s CC-Go See process some images and then turn them into panels. Enjoy the slideshow or the gallery! NOTE: Click image in gallery to enter full screen mode.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

About the images from an earlier post:This is a locally based group here in Corpus Christi, Texas consisting of photographers, models, make-up artists and the likes. They get together once a month. I take these meetings as a time to challenge myself and push limits.  In this case I attempted to photograph with no flash (something I almost NEVER do). This particular sequence of pictures I wanted to with a black and white surreal. But once I saw Julie’s red dress I decided to play around with color, namely isolation and red tinting, of course in addition to mixing in some black and white images as well.  All photographs shot with 5d mk 2 and canon 40mm f2.8 pancake lens, with only surrounding available light at park (ie no flash).  I LOVE THIS LENS!

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