Devon and Eric Wedding – Friday, September 28, 2012 – Eilan Hotel – San Antonio, Texas

Eric and Devon’s Wedding Ceremony & Celebration took place at Eilan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.  I met Devon while working on a feature film her late mother Theodora Grey was producing.  She remains in our memory as a very, very special lady!  On a quick note, on multiple occasions she graciously invited me into her home to prepare some home-cooked meals for her family, during the time she was working on “The Bad Singer.”  She was definitely gifted, so much so that one day while at church she saw a picture of Eric and claimed to Devon, without knowing the gentleman, that one day she would marry him.  It was a touching moment to see her vision come true.  Even though the day was taken over by stormy weather… it didn’t dampen the spirit of their celebration. And to turn the fact that the ceremony was regrettably forced inside into a positive, Devon and Eric can officially say that their celebration was the first indoor wedding ceremony AND also the first ceremony to take place on the lobby staircase.  DOUBLE SCORE!

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2 thoughts on “Devon and Eric Wedding – Friday, September 28, 2012 – Eilan Hotel – San Antonio, Texas

  1. Micah, you did such an amazing job photographing my lovely friend. Thank you for also paying tribute to Mrs Rowe (“Theodora”). What a beautiful celebration!! That rain was her Mother letting us know she was present. 🙂
    -Trisha Ackerly

    • Trisha,
      Thank you for the fine compliment and for taking the time to stop by, browse, and comment! I appreciate the thought. I am grateful for having spent the short time with Mrs Rowe cooking really good meals!

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