Photojournalism coverage of Friday Night Lights – Ingleside Mustangs vs. George West Longhorns – Friday, September 7, 2012 – Ingleside, Texas

There’s this vibe I pick up on. It’s just interesting to see how everything just “comes together” for this event. You’ve got the parents that are boosters, the bands, the fans, the players, the refs, the photographers, the police… and each of them has their own vibe, and their own energy, and no matter what they all come together and be in the same place. The players are pumped, the boosters are good natured and gentle – the total opposite end of the spectrum, the fans are ALL OVER the place. It’s just one big cacophonous-smorgasbord of people and energy. I love it.

See corresponding article and photos in local Corpus Christi’s paper here.

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