Proud Moments over the Labor Day Weekend!

I turned Labor Day Holiday into a much needed Labor Day Weekend!  So I’m mixing two “types” of posts here, whereas normally I would’ve separated them.

Amanda and Roger Engagement Party

… are going to the chapel and… well you know!  I asked them to send a pic of them next to print and they obliged. I couldn’t be more happy to see the result. And as I told Amanda – pictures really come alive when they’re printed.  IT LOOKS AWESOME and these two look HAPPY – WHAT a great combo!! Congratulations to the both of “yous.”  You can learn more about their engagement at

King High School DVD

…. project is finished!  Phil Cole delivered the copies and since I was out of town when he received them I asked if he wouldn’t mind taking a pic for my blog. He also obliged… and even put them in a nice little setup!  What awesome clients and partners I have!!!  This project was a trip down memory lane, because 10 years ago I was wearing the same uniforms and marching on the same fields!  My how time flies… but you knew that!

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