Moonlight Lies – Short Film Premiere – August 13, 2012

I’m so proud of my cast –  Courtland Greenwood, Tristina Lindsey, Jorge Casanova, Lance Russell, and Kendall McCall, including my crew of one – Jeremy Montalvo, their patience and performance made this project allowable!  I am moving closer and closer to being a more technical storyteller which has been and continues to be a goal of mine.  This was an exciting project that allowed for me to explore the “Hitchcockian” mode of suspense:


I drew the genre of crime/detective, and so I wanted to write a love story with a twist that the main actress was the cop… a stark contrast from the “who-dunnits,” not that there’s anything wrong with that conventional story.  Enjoy and please leave feedback – other than “the helicopter shots were cool.”

Story by Micah and Gina DeBenedetto, Screenplay by Micah DeBenedetto, Sound by Jeremy Montalvo, Director of Photography, Editor, and Director Micah DeBenedetto.

Filmed entirely and completed within 72 Hours on location in Corpus Christi, Texas between August 2-5, 2012.

Special Thanks to Tony Martinez of Crush Girls, Ruben Barrera and Willy Yelverton of Goodnight Studios, Aerial Support provided by Peter Kendig of AirCzar (361) 884-2400, and Rebecca Akins, South Texas Underground Film, and Art Center of Corpus Christi.

Moonlight Lies –  72 Hour Short Film

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