Ballet Folklorico Viva Mexico – Corpus Christi, Texas – Harbor Playhouse – June 16, 2012 – Youtube Video

I finished the Ballet Folklorico Viva Mexico DVD and I couldn’t be more proud.  I’ve uploaded dance sequences from Colima titled “El Pitayero” and Sinaloa titled “Sinaloa Medley.”  I implore you to to experience one of these performances in person to see the colorful dresses and its corresponding ebb and flow as the ladies sweep across the stage, enjoy the interaction between the male and female routines as well, and most importantly experience the unique culture and flair from particular regions of Mexico through the art of dance.   I’m still planning to put together a highlight of the entire evening and as soon as that’s done… you’ll hear about it here!  Enjoy!


NOTE: I don’t like to make excuses but I was running two cameras essentially by myself and I overexposed some sequences in the first half (Sinaloa), and then thankfully corrected it … midway through first half.


This past weekend I had the privilege to videotape the Ballet Folklorico Viva Mexico perform alongside the Kingsville Youth Ballet Folklorico, as well as the mariachi group Mariachi Olas Del Mar!  It was an amazing show filled with wonderfully vivid and colorful clothing and cultural dances and songs!  I look forward to sharing a highlight video as soon as humanly possible, until then enjoy a few pics I took with ambient lighting.

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