WWE Super Smackdown Live! Corpus Christi, Texas, American Bank Center, June 3, 2012 #USA

There’s only been one other time where I walked into something thinking, “This is going to be such a corny event,” only to walk out totally in love with it – and that was when I fell in love with the PHANTOM of Phantom of the Opera.  Anyways as a child, I LOVED wrestling, at least until I knew it was fake. Nonetheless the environment was so exciting, charged, and even somewhat emotional in particular when Hacksaw Jim Duggan fought alongside Sgt. Slaughter, and began starting chants of “USA! USA! USA!”  It was a moving moment a day removed from July 4, 2012.   We had front row seats and I couldn’t’ve enjoyed it more.  NOTE: These are FAN PHOTOS and NOT intended for monetary GAIN. Oh and my camera died during the Battle Royal with 20 FREAKING WRESTLERS IN THE RING AT ONE TIME!!!  So if I can get those copies I’ll update this gallery! All photos taken with an Iphone 4.

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