48cc Short Film Challenge June 22-24, 2012 Second Place Filmmaker Award & Audience Second Runner-Up – Corpus Christi, Texas

I just learned “Tomorrow Morning” won runner-up for Filmmaker Voted Award… after starting the screening of the film part of the way through and with minor sound issues!  In addition to that, “Howie” won second runner up for Audience Award – fancy way of saying “Third Place” – I’ll take it!  Go TEAM TEAM-MEN-age and Team Zerep Productions!

From an earlier post:

I had an exciting weekend working on two short films for Stuf’s 48cc Short film challenge, one in which I’m still recuperating from.  But I walked away with having worked on two eclectic and different projects.  I was a “Team Leader” for TEAM TEAM-MEN-age where I essentially worked solely as cinematographer alongside David Maxwell Cole. I had an amazing time setting up lighting conditions for every individual shot in Lou’s Saloon. Then some of the beach photography was also really incredible, with my favorite being the wide shot of the character “Howie” falling down onto the beach and being taken…. well I don’t want to spoil it for you, but if you watch hopefully you’ll know what I’m talking about.  The loteria card drawn was “El Nopal” – The Cactus.   With that said, meet FRED, the cactus…. who is best friends with Brian Cobos – who did an AMAZING job acting as always. “Get back inside Marge!”

And then randomly after two days of filming “Howie” I was talking with Robert Perez from Zerep Productions (his last name backwards), and he said mentioned he wasn’t going to turn in a film,  I said why not? Next thing I know I volunteered to act, contribute to story, and provide cinematography for the short film. So we arrived on set at 1 AM and wrapped around 3:30 and I rushed home and spit out the first edit and uploaded for Rob to see the next morning. I ended up asleep at 5:30 AM. Unfortunately I’m not posting the film, it’s one of those you had to have been there to have seen it. So maybe next time you’ll head out there!  Instead I’ve made two trailers which individually should give you an idea of the film, and collectively should give you a REALLY GOOD idea of how the film plays out. I had a great time collaborating with Julia from Vice Versa Press – and it wasn’t too shabby to be lying down in bed ACTING right beside her, as well as collaborating with Mariella and Rob of Zerep Productions. Thanks to all three of you for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful and touching short film. The card drawn for this film titled “Tomorrow Morning” was “El Sol” – The Sun. Which inspired me to shoot with this particular yellow/orange/amber color temperature.

Trailer B

2 thoughts on “48cc Short Film Challenge June 22-24, 2012 Second Place Filmmaker Award & Audience Second Runner-Up – Corpus Christi, Texas

  1. Congratulations. Both videos are amazing and well acted. Howie’s ending is very moving as the lady pulled him to the sea…ending all life’s sufferings, rejections and pain. Finally, he’s at peace. Sad but it happens everyday somewhere around this planet. A lesson in life we can all share and hopefully do something so it doesn’t happen to others. Thanks for sharing this wonderful work.

  2. Thank you. Interesting perspective about the pain and ending of the rejection. That’s the beauty of art is that it talks to us in different ways depending upon on our human condition and experiences. HOWEVER I recommend staying away from people that want to pull you into the ocean and never come back out! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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