Intimacy Art and Fashion Show pics – Corpus Christi, Texas – Bombay Lounge and Grill – June 14, 2012

Last night I took part in an intimacy art and fashion show. I put together a random piece with pictures displayed in an old tv set. I originally wanted to do a sequence with a static lady and static shot where she was undressing, down to undies, but NOONE was interested. Maybe next time!  So I fell back on some of my favorite pictures.  Which should be noted that I processed them differently than I had before and I figured there was a reason why, but at the time I didn’t know… #timing’severything

My piece … of art can handle two beautiful women at the SAME time.

Then this ensued ….

Which lead to this…

Then this song came on….

These ladies started dancing to this song….

And this is what makes the world go ROUND….

Here are the pics that I printed in 4×6, note pics were printed in black and white.

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