Vanessa and Demetrio Wedding – Corpus Christi, Texas – June 9, 2012

Vanessa and Demetrio celebrated a traditional Catholic ceremony at the Corpus Christi Cathedral. For some private portraits, the newly weds and I met up at the Water Gardens in Downtown Corpus Christi. Shortly after, the bridal party joined us. Apart from the stifling summer heat, it was an eventful and wonderful time!  We happened across a man in drag costume filming a PSA with intentions of crashing a certain wedding party’s photographs, but as the director later accounted, “calmer heads prevailed,” and so they didn’t crash our session.  We also crossed a group of people touring downtown on segways, who not only obliged to let the bride and groom borrow two segways for a picture, they also posed with them.  Then we headed over to Holiday Inn at Emerald Beach to officially celebrate the wedding. Here are some moments that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and would like to share with ya’ll (as we say down here in Texas!) Enjoy!

The segways stopped by... we asked if the Bride and Groom could hop on one...

Father of the Bride Dance

This was a special moment where Vanessa’s father described what he felt for her in the form of music – he played Pavarotti’s performance of “Nessun Dorma”

Mother of Groom Dance

The Newly Wed’s First Dance

Photobooth fun

.... and now the dancing begins!

…. and now the dancing begins!

The Beautiful Mother of the Bride

Come Here Lover Boy!

Father and Mother of the Groom

Bouquet Toss

…and they’re off to the start of what I know will be a beautiful, happy marriage!

7 thoughts on “Vanessa and Demetrio Wedding – Corpus Christi, Texas – June 9, 2012

  1. Micah I caught the bouquet… you think you can email the picture of vanessa and I after I caught the bouquet? Thx and great job!

    • Their wedding was truly a celebration, an experience that I will keep with me forever. I’m so thankful to have been a part of it. I appreciate you visiting my website and taking the time to comment. I have to deflect the congratulations back to you and Vanessa’s and Demetrio’s family! You are the ones that truly deserve it.

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