A few months/years ago, the Alamo Drafthouse drew national attention when they placed a phone call they received after kicking a patron out for using their cell phone in the theater. They placed the phone call in an ad about no texting/talking on cell phone before a movie. This UNCENSORED video can be seen below.

Since I’m too lazy to type it out… from the Austin Film Society’s page….

“The Austin Film Society is pleased to announce the winners of The Alamo Drafthouse’s NO TALKING PSA CONTEST: 4th graders from Winn Elementary and Widen Elementary, and 5th Graders from Rodriguez Elementary have all won the chance to have their original public service announcements play at local Alamo Drafthouse cinemas.

The No Talking PSA competition was sponsored by The Alamo Drafthouse and open to students in the Austin Film Society’s Film Club Program.  Participating in the No Talking PSA competition allowed students the chance to use their filmmaking skills for a real world “client.”

Students were asked to create short films (under 1 minute) about the consequences and negative effects of talking and using your phone during a movie screening.  Using techniques from claymation to visual effects, AFS’ young filmmakers produced incredibly creative videos making the competition extremely tough.

Three classes were crowned the winners, earning them the honor of informing Alamo patrons not to talk or text. In addition, each of the winning classes received $100 worth of equipment and filmmaking supplies from the Alamo Drafthouse to use in future AFS Film Club projects.”

Check out the PSA’s here.  My favorite is the “don’t talk or your phone will blow up!” I love how the kids can barely contain their laughter so much so they had to cover their mouths.

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