Tom Morello – Nightwatchman – SXSW – March 17, 2012 – Austin, Texas

I walked by and subsequently into La Zona Rosa in the afternoon to scope out the line for the evening’s Norah Jones’ concert. What I walked into was an awesome surprise – Tom Morello onstage, formerly of Rage Against the Machine and more recently NIGHTWATCHMAN. I arrived at the very end of the show where he decided to invite everyone up to the stage that could fit, without “impregnating” him as he said, requesting atleast 4 inches.  I would’ve gone with a safer distance of say 5 and 1/2 inches –  a nice average length, but I’m no Tom Morello.  Nonetheless, he pleaded the audience to put down their cell phones and cameras for once, and just enjoy the moment as it is, to take it with them in their mind and not in their camera, a very poignant message indeed. One that for the most part was heeded by everyone save one single person charged with recording the entire “World Wide Rebel Songs,” which he versed the audience in before singing. The video recording of the performance, along with the explanation for the song’s creation can be found below.  I had to snap at least one shot – it’s in my blood after all!  I don’t think anyone can doubt a person’s heart and integrity when after they leave the stage they are as drenched as he was.

Read more about the plight of the Cort Guitar workers at this blog

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