SXSW – Austin, Texas coverage – March 10, 2012 – Killer Joe and Rainn Wilson of The Office, and more…

I’m covering B-roll for SXSW 2012 – it’s my second year in a row, and I’m thankful to be asked back this go round. Yesterday was my first day out and I covered everything from interactive panels to the red carpet.  I had the opportunity to see the US Premiere of “Killer Joe,” which I think is going to be a very polarizing film – much like “Lolita” was considered a graphic novel.  Present at the premiere was Emile Hirsch, Gina Gershon, Matthew McConaughey, DP Caleb Deschanel, writer Tracy Letts, and through pre-recorded message William Friedlink – director of “The Exorcist,” although currently in Vienna, Austria he joined the Q&A by telephone.  Richard Linklater was also in attendance at the US premiere at the Paramount in Austin, Tx.

Earlier in the day, Rainn Wilson promoted his book, “SoulPancake.” Afterwards he did a book signing.  I had the opportunity to learn from a first hand source of the daughter of the late and great George Carlin, Kelly Carlin. She shared her personal life’s stories mixing wonderful and personal anecdotes with clips illustrating George Carlin’s illustrious career.  NOTE: In my honest opinion, George Carlin is the greatest comedian of all time, and she’s no slouch either.  Onto another funny man, Greg Proop from the television show “Whose Line is it Anyways.”  This man is as colorful and off the wall as they come. During the Q&A session, one man introduced himself as Jesse, to which Greg responded without missing a beat, “I”m sorry about your girl…” and then continued to sing the opening lines from the famous song “Jesse’s Girl.” The remaining photos are random, self explanatory pics, all but one the man with a “funny” face is advertising for a film being shown at SX called “Beauty is Embarrassing.”  I’ve added that to the long list of to-dos…

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