Experimental Short Film – featuring Penny Lane

Here’s an experimental short film “Penny Lane in the Backyard” featuring Penny Lane, a 4 year old chihuahua.  My longtime friend Omarr Villegas sent me a music track titled “unlit” a while back and I wanted to set it to some video.  Here’s the FIRST iteration of that particular track.

Notable moments include the following:

Stretches: 00:16, 00:27, 2:14, 2:36, 3:03

Funny arm thing: 00:56, 1:08, 3:29, 4:00, 4:19

Strange musical coincidence: 3:30

180 degree turn belly bite: 3:46

She turns into a scare-dy cat: 4:26

Funny tongue stick-out: 4:58, 6:13

Sneeze: 6:00, 6:19, 6:23

And of course she does “half-ass” scratches throughout the video.

Let me know what you think… or not. Either way thanks for watching and have a grATE day!


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