Week Without Violence presented by YWCA

On Monday, October 24, 2011, CASA presented with YWCA as part of 13th Annual YWCA Week Without Violence the kick-off event at Smith Elementary.

In Fiscal Year 2010, 6,619 CASA volunteers advocated for 20,861 children in CPS custody. They helped guide the children through the overburdened foster care system to safe, permanent homes. But, this number represents less than HALF of the children in CPS custody last year. 

When home is no longer safe for a child, and the child must enter the foster care system, a judge may appoint a committed volunteer called a CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocate®. The volunteer’s focus is on that child, giving hope and help in guiding the child to a safe, permanent home. Make a difference. Consider becoming a CASA volunteer. Visit www.coastalbendcasa.org     or   www.becomeacasa.org.

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