MD Photography responds to those affected by absent local wedding planner

In lieu of a local wedding planner being accused of “jilting” wedding parties, MD Photography would like express their sorrow for those affected.  We believe that weddings are truly one of our culture’s greatest celebrations, and they are certainly one of our favorite experiences to share!

We would also like to announce we will be waiving our photography services for up to 4 hours of wedding day coverage, this does include photographer’s selection of 100 digital High Resolution copies, additional services available for a fee.  The parties will also have to provide proof of loss. Finally, the wedding date must not conflict with a prior engagement.

Please contact us by leaving a message below or calling 361.537.2613.

Wedding Planner Accused Of Jilting Local Brides

Local NBC Affiliate Coverage read here.

To view samples of our work visit our featured wedding gallery here at or watch this video slideshow of our most recent wedding:

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