Most Loving Couple Competition

MD Photography is going to produce a short video featuring one LUCKY, LOVING couple. Here’s the concept: the couple will pose naturally according to a scripted storyboard at pre-selected locations within Corpus Christi, Texas.  No previous acting experience required.

After the shooting is completed and all the hard work is put in regarding editing, the couple walks away with keepsake photos* and an AWESOME video to share with all your friends, even the ones that live in Malaysia -in fact, especially the ones that live in Malaysia.

Who is eligible?

The couple must reside in or around Corpus Christi, and must be married, engaged, or have been dating for over ONE year.  You both must also be free for at least one morning or one afternoon session; although MD Photography will make every attempt to wrap shooting in one session multiple sessions might be required.  As for the day of the week – it’s up to you, as long as our schedules both line up, and of course weather permits.

Catch?  We’re holding an open competition to help select the winner…

How is the Loving couple selected?

Step 1. Like MD Photography on Facebook– it’s a formality, but you have to “like” it before you can post a picture.

Step 2. Post a photograph of couple on wall OR submit a photo by emailing and we’ll upload it for you.

Step 3. Send your friends to vote/like the picture either on this post (look below for a poll), OR on MD Photography’s Facebook page.  The updated photo gallery are present here.

Step 4.  Couple with most likes as of September 30, 2011 wins.

What are you waiting for? Get to Voting and Sharing!

*Web resolution watermarked photos (artist selection). Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of photographs and 4-8 weeks for delivery of ONLINE LINK to video. Please NOTE time frames are subject to change.  Couple will receive one DVD format copy of video including a slideshow of images, and one separate disc of images to share on social networking sites.  Requirement: couple will have to sign release waiver.

5 thoughts on “Most Loving Couple Competition

  1. Justin & Priscilla’s Story
    It all started way back in 2nd grade with just a lil note…
    Do you love me?
    Do you want to be
    my friend?
    Check Yes ☐ or No ☐ ~ By G e o r g e S t r a i g h t~
    Now were grown up and we’re engaged…Just like those 2 kids with stars in our eyes…..
    16 years later she still gets to me…Can’t believe it was that long ago all got started with just a lil note.. Do you love me, do you wanna be my friend? And if you do, well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand… If you want to…I think this is how loves goes, check yes or no! Now were engaged to be married in 2 months and this is there rest of the story…

    Everyone else knew what was going on, that is everyone else but me! When I arrived at our home and opened the door tears came rushing to my eyes. There it was, my living room looked like a scene right out of a harlequin romance novel…lol seriously I had no idea!
    The night he proposed I went to the movies with our younger sisters, they picked the movie “Letters to Juliet”. Those sneaky little girls were the decoy! Our sisters knew that my Justin had been planning to propose to me that night. In our living room there were glowing candles everywhere! The candles lit up everything and created a walkway to our bedroom. Justin had hung love notes on ribbon from the celling leading to our bedroom. Every note was a confession of his love for me, not just about the present it was of the years we have spent loving each other. Even from our first date, he too felt that there was something much more, he could not let me getaway again. It was so beautiful and perfect! I opened the bedroom door, there was Justin down on one knee as he opened the little black box he asked that one question every woman is dying to hear from the man she loves. Justin asked me, “Priscilla, will you marry me?” As my heart was pounding tears fell from my eyes I was able to answerer him “Yes”!!!!!
    But thats not the beginning, actually It all started back in third grade when i wrote him a note. Years passed, during college I came home to Corpus Christi and found a job for the summer. While at work one day I noticed someone kept looking in my direction, at first it made me very nervous. I thought to myself; I know him from somewhere, then it dawned on me. OH MY GOSH! It’s him that boy from 2nd grade? We started dating although by the end of the first night I knew what I felt for him was something very special.
    We should win because our story is romantic, it brings tears and joy to everyone who hears it. Most importantly, it’s a true harlequin story from beginning to present that should be shared. It should inspire hope for LOVE … true love … our love… I can’t believe it’s been that long when we got started with just a little note? George Strait, my true inspiration with his lyrics that lead to how Justin and I have lived the song “Check Yes or No”. Now were grown up and he’s my fiance..still like those two kids not much had changed Justin still gets to me! When I tell the story of how we met, some call it a fairytale others call it fate. Although, the comparisons may be close, yet I disagree. It’s something more … Justin is my Prince and our story does resemble a fairytale and yes it does seem like fate, you know when you have crossed roads but go a different direction yet still crossed paths was meant to be…some say it was written in the stars that our paths have already been…but to me its so much more!
    It’s SWEET LOVE!
    -Priscilla & Justin

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