cc7d 2011 and other stuff.

I’m wrapping up my film submission for cc7d. Looking to score and iron out finer details… like color balance and stuff like that.  However since I have an awesome amazing time not focusing, I’ll share with you some things that I’ve been distracted with. First I want a Leica… unfortunately I can’t afford the Leica M9 and it’s lofty $7k price… so instead I purchased a $9 skin for my iphone 4.  Thanks to PetaPixel for tweeting about that! Second is this sickly awesome video mimicking a Rube Goldberg machine… I love everything and then some about this video except they bring a hammer to a canon lens #ilovecanon.  But I’m sure it withstood it – it’s canon!

As for work I had an opportunity to work with another awesome model Thursday, July 7, 2011 as part of a Bella Bella Hair Salon Campaign. Then I had to rush over to film at Whataburger Field ….  Here’s a photo preview from that session.

She's sporting Hair extensions from Bella Bella Hair Salon


The last bit of news to share is that I received my 580 EX 2 Speedlite flash, and I couldn’t be happier. I was using the 320 EX and it wasn’t making me so happy.  It wasn’t communicating with my wireless flash setup and the video light, main reason for purchasing, isn’t that strong.

Bottom line: 320 EX doesn’t cut it as key light.

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