cc7d 2011 cast and crew call.

CC7D Project Proposal

Prepared for: Team Team and MD Photography Team Members
Prepared by: Micah DeBenedetto, MD Photography

June 28, 2011
Proposal number: 062811-01


Create two short films between July 6-13, which are as “complete a package” as possible, ie sound, audio, realistic acting, concise editing…  The main focus is to provide striking, memorable images, set against a moving and believable story, and ultimately exemplify the human spirit.


  1. Write screenplay as fast as humanly possible and start filming something/anything Wednesday night
  2. within reason provide scripts to actors with one day in advance, realizing that majority of dialogue as well as action is going to be improvised
  3. location, location, locations.  I’m trying to secure multiple, random locations to incorporate the natural life of Corpus Christi, if we can capture natural things in our film, it will pervade that organic, realistic vibe.  I am working on securing a wide range of locations.  There is a possibility
  4. Transcoding is to begin upon first day’s wrapping.
  5. have dedicated cast and crew, i.e. available, and one person is dedicated to specific task, sound, editing, camera, etc… realizing that overall my projects will be very team oriented and very much a team collaboration.
  6. plan, plan, plan, organize, organize, organize, check, check, check, re-check, so on…
  7. wrap filming for both projects by Sunday
  8. Monday is designated as re-filming if necessary and weather permitting, no filming Tuesday, and NO FILMING WEDNESDAY
  9. Complete first draft video edit by Monday, Second draft by Tuesday, and Third draft Wednesday
  10. Have pre-production meeting Tuesday, July 5th.
  11. Key team members:
  1. editor
  2.   camera operators
  3.   key grip
  4.   writer
  5.   script supervisors
  6.   production assistants
  7.   director
  8.   if necessary, director of cinematography
  9.   actors and actresses
  10.   sound crew


A production team will be utilized to ensure the fulfillment of goals.   Crew members will be assigned to specific tasks as stated in Goal C.  It should be very clear that I will make the final calls as to anything production related on all sides, pre, post, and during.

Bottom Line

We will be having a great time, doing what we all love, and I promise my team that I will do everything within my possibilities to make the best film that I’m capable of making with all the resources that we have available at time of filming.

Special Notes

I will be working Saturday night from 6 – 7:30.  It would be ideal that filming/editing continues throughout this period.

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