First album photograph is up WORLD WIDE on Apple ITUNES for Clarissa Serna EP Album Cover! Shot in Corpus Christi, Texas

xldkfhdapspodifuajdfhagahgakljalsdfpaojapspodifuadkfhdapspodahgakljalsdfpaojapspodifuadk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —- That’s literally how I feel, I can’t exactly express or convey the feelings into words in the English language.  My talented friend Clarissa Serna has her EP Album available on iTunes RIGHT NOW!! AND It just so happens that the cover photograph was taken by yours truly – me.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic journey!

Purchase the EP on ITUNES by clicking….. right………wait for it…. HERE!

The photograph was taken at Revolution Bar and Grill in Corpus Christi, Texas.  SHOT OUT to Rick and the gang for letting us use the space.


View “Hold your Hand”  music video featuring E Class, shot by my buddy and UBER talented photographer Gilbert of Department 13 Films.



Mari Bridal Portrait and Pearl Canvas Gallery Wrap Print | Corpus Christi, Tx | March 29, 2014

By the time this post is published, Mari and Daniel will officially be married (I wrote this the night before in case you were dying to know).  Congratulations to them both!!!!!  For Mari’s bridal session, we ventured over to the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center.  Needless to say it’s a beautiful space.  I recommend joining and becoming a member.

However what I’m really excited for is her 12″x18″ canvas gallery wrap with Pearl canvas and hand applied brush gel coating.  Below is the image she selected.



Here is an obligatory selfie with Mari giving the PEACE sign in the background, I couldn’t share this until now.

Photo Mar 29, 5 32 50 PM

Mari’s Bridal Portrait SELFIE at the Botanical Gardens in Corpus Christi, Texas on March 29, 2014.

Here are a few of the others from the session.  Now to sleep before the big day!

Clarissa Serna | The Voice | Corpus Christi, Texas #teamclarissa


I’d like to congratulate Clarissa Serna on her terrific run on The Voice. She made it to the TOP 20!  BOOM!  Go Girl!  We’re all so proud of you!  I know this is only the beginning of a new journey, and we’re all extremely excited to see where it takes you!

I’d also like to share a memory I experienced with Clarissa as well.  While we were shooting her album cover, we had an awesome sunset.  And we decided to go to the closest clearing in the city that we could find. Coincidentally it was my Blanche Moore Elementary school parking lot.

We rushed over to the parking lot which was about 10 minutes away from Revolution – which is one of the main locations Clarissa found her “chops”. We jumped out of the car and started taking a few pics using only natural light, and a 42 inch silver reflector.  Those weren’t coming out… so I decided to silhouette her, and voila.  Still one of my favorite images to this day, and it also served as an advertisement I used in NSIDE Magazine back when I was shooting for them.  It also kick-started me chasing down my “love-silhouette” images.

I can’t locate the original image offhand, but trust me just below the crop there is a metal fence that runs across the image and a Chevy Silverado pickup.

The reason I include it is to show that you never know where your journey will take you until you step out!  I never thought I’d photograph someone in the parking lot of my elementary school, and yet here it is!  LOVE THAT HAIR FLOWIN’ in the wind….



Clarissa Serna nside ad 051611 low resolution

Clarissa Serna nside ad 051611 low resolution

Young Business Professionals of the Coastal Bend Water Gardens Clean-up | Corpus Christi, Texas | March 29, 2014

We had our first quarterly clean up this year for Young Business Professionals of Coastal Bend.  Come on out to our community service meeting tonight at Coffee Waves on Alameda near Tamu-CC starting at 6. We’ve got some big plans in the works, and could sure use your help!

Paula Deanda | New York City December 2010 | Corpus Christi | The Voice 2014

It’s always a special thing when people DECIDE to pursue their dreams, and I’m honored to say that I’ve shared in Paula’s journey.  She recently competed in the pop culture show “The Voice.” Unfortunately she battled against Celine Dion’s former vocal coach…. yeah.  Never the less, Paula is still so young and talented with so much potential and future within.

On my first visit to the city I connected with a friend from Corpus Christi, Texas who was managing or representing Paula at the time.  She gave me the opportunity to snap a few photographs of her in Rockefeller Center, and then videotape her performance of “Easy” at Mike Ruiz‘s Birthday party at a brand new bar that I no longer remember the name of.   If anything this shows my progression as a portrait photographer.  For whatever reason I only brought my “non-portrait” lenses (17-40 and 50mm) with me.  It’s like trying to filet a fish with a butter knife.  This fact coupled with my inability to properly pose people, especially amongst throngs of internationals visiting the city, and almost freezing temperatures, we didn’t turn out with very many keepers. But hey if anything I’m still here and still learning the art of posing and photography, much like she’s still pursuing her singing career…  I applaud her for deciding to ACTUALLY follow her dreams, and encourage her to pursue, pursue, pursue!!!  Even in the face of rejection.

Paula Deanda Rockefeller Center New York City MD Photography- 2010

Paula Deanda Rockefeller Center New York City MD Photography- 2010

Below is her official music video – which is of much higher quality, and features a man flipping out of the car and getting turned down when he asks her out, plus that international dude from “That 70′s Show,” and Bow Wow – the artist formally, er, formerly known as Lil-Bow-Wow.

Ana and Mark Engagements Photographs |Corpus Christi, Texas | Water Gardens

The story of these two goes something like this:

Ana and Mark
sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes baby
in a baby carriage!

Ceremony Date sometime in October 2014…

Clarissa Serna | The Voice | NBC | March 3, 2014 | Corpus Christi, Texas

There are a few milestones I’ve been fortunate to achieve in my short career as a photographer.  One of which was photographing my first music album cover.  I was blessed with the difficult task of capturing the lovely, beautiful, effervescent, unique, talented, gorgeous, fearless, vivacious, and I can go on here, just one more, did I mention TALENTED…  OH, yes I did!  Her and I have always joked about heading to LA to make it big… well she’s KICKING the door down starting TONIGHT!

Anyways, my image graces her first CD cover, and I’m BEYOND thankful for that opportunity.  It will literally be one of those moments I’ll look back and smile upon every time I revisit it.

Clarissa Serna CD Release Party

Clarissa Serna CD Release Party

Here I'm posing next to the BLOW UP of her album cover at Clarissa Serna CD Release Party

Here I’m posing next to the BLOW UP of her album cover at Clarissa Serna CD Release Party

Here we are goofing around in front of the BLOW UP of her album cover at Clarissa Serna CD Release Party

Here we are goofing around in front of the BLOW UP of her album cover at Clarissa Serna CD Release Party

Visit her FACEBOOK page HERE and CLICK LIKE, and then send to a friend, and REPEAT!

Then tune in tonight to The Voice tonight (Monday, March 3, 2014) on NBC at 7 PM (CST) to see which of the FOUR Judges she selects!  Oh and Shakira says Corpus Christi, Texas!!!!!!!!!!!   #teamclarissa #corpusmusic #thevoice #SERNAporVIDA